UNESCO Chair on Values, Dialogue and Human Rights Prof. Arto Kallioniemi and his colleagues recently published an article on ‘Estonian and Finnish Pupils’ Experiences of Religious Issues and Views on the Place of Religion in School’ in the Journal of Religion and Education. The abstract:

The study is part of the REDCo II study. The results are based on a survey study completed by 988 pupils in Finland (n = 406) and Estonia (n = 582). The main research questions were What experiences do Estonian and Finnish pupils have regarding religious issues at school? What conceptions do Estonian and Finnish pupils have regarding the role of religion at school? And to what extent do different background factors (country, gender and age) explain different experiences and conceptions? The quantitative data was analyzed using basic statistical analysis, including means, standard deviations and t-tests.

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Photo credit: Deddy Yoga Pratama, unsplash.com