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UNESCO Chair in Regional Education Development and Lifelong Learning: Forum On The Futures of Education

The International Commission on the Futures of Education released a report in November 2021, Reimagining our futures together: A new social contract for education (一起重新构想我们的未来:为教育打造新的社会契约, 执行摘要). The UNESCO Chair in Regional Education Development & Lifelong Learning will host a forum on the Report with an audience largely focused on Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

Australian Institute of International Affairs: The Current State of Democracy in Tunisia

ADI director Prof Fethi Mansouri was commission by the Australian Institute of Internationl Affairs to reflect on President Kais Saied’s constitutional referendum in Tunisia, which could have serious implications for a country once championed as the singular Arab democracy.

Image of panelists on stage

The Lowy Institute: Migration Nation

ADI director Prof Fethi Mansouri spoke at a Lowy Institute panel on the role of Australia’s multiculturalism in foreign policy.

The fundamentality of human rights

Prof Roger Koudé talks about his book “The fundamentality of human rights” in the programme “Les Belles Lettres” presented by Josué Simon OUANKISSAM on Télé Tchad