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Arab-Australians praise ‘very important’ Census, call for greater language learning

While heartened by 2021 Census data revealing that Arabic remains the second-most spoken language other than English in Australia, experts have encouraged the learning of reading and

Intercultural Dialogue in UNESCO New Medium-Term Strategy

Main trends in present-day UNESCO strategy in the realm of intercultural dialogue are presented, basing primarily upon texts of two documents, approved in November, 2021, at the 41st session of the General conferenceof UNESCO, namely, the new medium-term Strategy...

Putin’s Russia: Between the need for security and the desire for (all) power

Russia is a unique country in the world! Indeed, with an area of ​​17,125,191 km2, more than four times the geographical size of the European Union and its 27 Member States, Russia is the largest country in the world but with a population of only 146,170,015...

Identity issues, separatist tendencies and international security issues

In the context of the "International Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures" (2013-2022) and the "Nelson Mandela Decade for Peace" (2019-2028), established by the United Nations, it is certainly important to discuss one of the recurring phenomena affecting the field...