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On this page you can find resources related to intercultural dialogue and interculturalism, including links to the UNESCO’s e-Platform on Intercultural Dialogue and scholarly articles exploring key issues.

What is Intercultural Dialogue?

UNESCO has described intercultural dialogue as “an equitable exchange and dialogue among civilizations, cultures and peoples, based on mutual understanding and respect and the equal dignity of all cultures, [which] is the essential prerequisite for constructing social cohesion, reconciliation among peoples and peace among nations.’ (UNESCO, 2017).

It is also ‘reflected in the phrase “equal dignity of all cultures”, which forms the basis for mutual understanding and respect in achieving the desired goals of intercultural dialogue (Mansouri, Elias & Sweid, 2017).

How the IDIU Network contributes to intercultural dialogue

The UNITWIN Network on Inter-Religious Dialogue and Intercultural Understanding (IDIU Network) is made up of over thirty academic Chairs working in the fields of intercultural and interreligious dialogue, collaborating to create innovative cross-cultural research projects that seek to have direct relevance for practitioners working in areas where there is misunderstanding or conflict.

The IDIU Network operates under the Inclusion, Rights, and Dialogue Section of UNESCO, which aims to promote inclusive policies and actions, by countering racism and discrimination, advancing intercultural dialogue and pursuing gender equality.

The book covers of Interculturalism at the Crossroads and L'interculturalisme a la croisee des chemins

Interculturalism at the Crossroads
(L’interculturalisme à la croisée des chemins)

Available in English and French, this collaboration between UNESCO and the IDIU Network aims to provide a wide-ranging exploration of the theory, practice and challenges in the field of intercultural dialogue. It includes contributions from many members of the IDIU Network as well as from experts working in the broad areas of interculturalism, multiculturalism, diversity governance, and inter-religious dialogue.

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The book covers of Interculturalism at the Crossroads and L'interculturalisme a la croisee des chemins

UNESCO resources related to Intercultural Dialogue

Following its mandate to find solutions to global challenges such as inequality, discrimination, gender-based violence and displacement, UNESCO has developed an e-Platform on Intercultural Dialogue, which is designed to respond to the current “mutual understanding gap”, which occurs when communication between culturally diverse groups fails, ultimately impeding good will and collaboration. The e-Platform serves as a global hub for knowledge sharing, networking, and learning about best practices in Intercultural Dialogue.

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Scholarly articles related to Intercultural Dialogue