About the UNITWIN (IDIU) Network

The UNITWIN Network on Inter-religious Dialogue for Intercultural Understanding (IDIU) brings together more than 28 UNESCO Chairs from more than 25 countries.

First established in 2006, the IDIU Network aims to promote dialogue among different religions, spiritual and humanistic traditions in a world where conflicts are increasingly associated with religious belonging.

It stresses the reciprocal interactions and influences between, on the one hand, religions, spiritual and humanistic traditions, and on the other, the need to promote understanding between them in order to challenge ignorance and prejudices and foster mutual respect.

The Network is a partnership between international academic centres recognised for their expertise in this field and brings together professors, researchers and specialists of the history of religions who are personally committed to the achievement of Inter-religious Dialogue. This network allows students, researchers and professors to benefit from a broad range of teaching which is at once secular, multi-religious and intercultural.