Dear UNITWIN Network Coordinators and UNESCO Chair holders,  

After the unprecedented growth in higher education in the last decade, the education of more than 220 million tertiary students was suddenly disrupted due to the COVID-19 driven university closures. Currently, most of the universities around the world are preparing for safe reopening by altering their normal schedules and organization at the institutional or national levels.  However, due to the uncertainty and the rapidly changing situation in relation to the pandemic, limited data on the current situation at the global level are available.

The Section for Higher Education has conducted the survey entitled COVID-19: Reopening and Reimagining Universities and would like to thank all National Commissions for their participation in this worldwide effort to collect data about the current situation of the higher education system at national and global levels.

In order to disseminate the result of this survey, UNESCO is organizing a webinar aiming at highlighting some of the key findings of the survey and provide higher education stakeholders, including not only policymakers, but also universities and students with the opportunity to share their perspective and experience of higher education during the COVID-19 pandemic.

UNESCO is pleased to invite all Chairs and UNITWIN networks to attend this webinar and encourage them to disseminate the information regarding this event through their respective Chairs Program and networks, including universities and students.

The webinar will take place virtually on Wednesday, 30th June 2021 from 2pm to 5pm (CET – Paris Time), with simultaneous interpretation in English and in French.

The concept note, including agenda is available here in English or French

Registration will be required and can be done through this link:

Attendees are encouraged to send questions regarding the webinar ahead of time through the registration form.

If you have questions, please visit the webinar page: or send an email to 

Thank you for your continuous support and collaboration.   


Accountant (Financial Reporting) | UNESCO - United Nations Educational,  Scientific and Cultural Organization