The UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme is delighted to welcome a new UNESCO Chair in Intercultural Competences, which has been awarded to Stellenbosch University. 

The inauguration of the UNESCO Chair took place in August 2023, with Dr Darla Deardorff, a Stellenbosch University affiliated distinguished fellow from the USA as Chairholder, and Professor Sarah Howie, Director of the Africa Centre for Scholarship (ACS), as co-Chairholder. 

The Chair, which is awarded for a four-year renewable period from 2023 to 2027, will be housed within the ACS in Stellenbosch University International (SU International), in South Africa. 

The UNESCO Chair in Intercultural Competences will draw on the expertise of the Chairholder, Dr Deardorff, a world-renowned expert on intercultural competence, along with the expertise of Co-Chairholder Prof Howie in integrating in-depth knowledge of intercultural competences, educational research and capacity development in Africa. 

Read more about the UNESCO Chair in Intercultural Competencies on the Stellenbosch University website